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Lotus Children

Our Story

Welcome!  Namaste!

We are a little company making clothes for little people who practice yoga. Lotus Children blossomed in Washington DC in the shadow of the capitol dome. We signed up our not-quite-five-year-old for a weekly yoga class in the hopes of socializing her and providing an hour of calm and balance in the big city. It worked.

At a small studio called Capitol Hill Yoga, under the gentle guidance of a teacher named Tasha, she learned upward dog and tree pose and how to plant and nurture a tiny flower (an exercise in Bhakti yoga). Ballet was fun, but yoga was better. She learned to quiet herself even when her very noisy baby brother eventually arrived and filled our loft with newborn cries. The only thing that wasnít working so well was the search for something to wear to class. Leotards and tights were not going to work. Sweats were too bulky and restrictive. Jeans and skirts were absolutely wrong. Just one month before our second yogi arrived, Lotus Children was born.

A career move for my husband meant a new residence in Italy for our family beginning in July 2005.  Part of our time is spent with family and friends in the US and part of our time is spent in Italy.  The yogis seem to be thriving and we are enjoying building a yoga apparel company for the youngest practitioners. We thank you for stopping by, and hope that your time with us is a time of calm and balance, wherever in this big little world you might be.


Stacey Davis Jacobs
Founder, Lotus Children  

Update 9.23.06

Sarah Taylor has been part of Lotus Children since the
launch of our website in the Spring of 2006. She
makes sure the little yogis of the world, their
parents (and aunts and uncles and friends and
grannies!) and the stores and studios that sell our
apparel are happy. It's no small job. She is also my
big sister and Mommy to my two beautiful nieces. We
couldn't do this without her.